Our main feature is to design and build Post Frame Buildings. We also sell Pole Building Kits, materials and maintain and upgrade existing buildings. Steel trusses are used in large oversized projects and can be joined to our Post Frame Construction.
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Our Kit Customers can rent our DVD “How to Build a Pole Building” for extra guidance, along with our “How to Build a Pole Building” booklet which is free with every kit. We have several in-house construction supervisors to answer any other building questions.

We offer our "Built customers*" a free video on “How to Prepare your Job Site” which is available online.

* Built customers are M&W Customer(s) who buy Material and Labor Packages directly from M&W.

1. Arena Liner
2. Board & Batt Siding
3. Ceiling framing
4. Composition Roofing
5. Concrete Floor
6. Cupola - Gable - Style
7. Cupola - Hip Style
8. Dutch Doors
9. Ductch Doors Siding
10. Eavelights
11. Entry Door - Cover
12. Entry Door - with Window
13. Entry Door.
14. Eyebrow on open bay
15. Feeder Door.
16. Gutters and downspout Leaf.
17. Gutters and downspout
18. Lap Siding
19. Lean to's-Sheds
20. Loft Railing
21. Loft
22. Metal building insulation - walls
23. Metal building insulation
24. Overhangs
25. Overhead door - bumpers
26. Overhead door with 45 angle framing
27. Overhead Door with raised panel
28. Overhead door with window panel
29. Overhead doors - Commercial grade
30. Parapet Wall with Scuppers
31. Pipe Flashing-Master Flash
32. Pole and Rafter
33. Pony wall
34. Post Hole Augering
35. Rough Open
36. Shed - wrap around
37. Sliding door - split
38. Sliding door -ventilation on arena
39. Sliding doors - split with cross buck
40. Sliding doors - split with outriggers
41. Sliding Doors
42. Stairs
43. Stalls
44. T&G divide wall
45. Tack room with loft.
46. Tack room
47. Trusses - Gambrel
48. Trusses - Scissor
49. Trusses - Steel
50. Vapor barrier
51. Vent - Gable End
52. Vents - Ridge
53. Wainscot
54. Wall Girts - Stud
55. Wall Girts-Commercial Style
56. Wall Girts-Commercial with blocking
57. Wall Girts-Flat
58. Weathervane
59. Widows Peak
60. Windows - Grids
61. Windows-Clear

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