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March 2018 Special
30 x 36 x 12'6"
The “Toy Box”

MW Mar 2018 SALE


Do you wish you had your own “Toy Box”? 

Pole barns are not just for horses anymore!  M & W Building Supply can build you your own personal toy box for Big Kid Toys! A Pole Building makes the perfect Toy Box, easy to install, economical, safe, maintenance free, easy to insulate and secure and safe for all of those valuable toys!

Just imagine having your own garage to work on your bike, car, model train or household projects!  It’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream to have a space for all the tools, toys, cars and room to work!  Let M&W build a pole barn for you, designed by you for your needs.  Our experienced professional crews can build this building for you in 4 days!  

Need to save some money?  Buy just the kit and build it yourself!  We supply all of the pole barn materials, drawings, and an instruction booklet.

This “Toy Box” includes two 10x10 overhead doors, one steel entry door with steel frame and one 4x3 dual pane vinyl window.  Site specific engineered plans, all 6x6 PT truss bearing poles, trusses, screws, bolts and nails needed to put it together. Metal building insulation under roof steel, 18” overhangs, and steel roofing/siding with a 40 year paint warranty!

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February 2018 Special
24 x 36 x 12



Do you ever think “things aren’t built like they used to be!” Shoddy workmanship and cheap materials seem to be the way of things these days from furniture to clothing.  But we are here to tell you that an M&W Pole Building is built BETTER than the old pole buildings!   We have engineered drawings for YOUR site and county requirements, engineered trusses and 40 year paint warranties on the steel! Lets’ talk about our framing lumber!  MSR Kiln dried framing lumber and pressure treated truss bearing posts make the inside of your building as nice to look at as the outside. MSR Kiln dried lumber is stronger, straighter, cleaner, and easier to use! No warped boards or shrinkage!!!!  Which means your building lasts longer- no metal siding flapping in the wind or screws  pulling out (yes , screws – we don’t use nails to install metal siding!)!  Get a building that will last for YEARS!

 Our M&W crews have years of experience building M&W Pole Buildings!  A building this size will take them 2-3 days to complete from start to finish.  Want to keep costs down and do it yourself?  No problem, we can provide you with a detailed instruction booklet and plans for an easy DIY pole building project.

This months’ special comes with all of the engineering (25# snow, 120 wind and “B” exposure as quoted), framing lumber (MSR, Kiln dried) pressure treated posts, metal building insulation in roof, PAINTED steel on roof, walls and trim, screws, nails and one steel entry door and one 10’x10 overhead door!


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January 2018 Special
36 x 48 x 14


Do you need to protect your cars, RV or boat from the weather?  Hot sun and wild weather can do a lot of damage to your investments!  BUT DON’T GET BURNED!  If you are thinking of getting generic plans off the internet or from a lumber yard and picking up “all the parts and pieces some where and put it together….” You may be spending more that you should!  Most counties require permits for any type of permanent structure. Our kit packages come with all you need for the county AND all the material you need to build your building! Let our engineers design a building for your site that is designed to code and accepted in every county in the Northwest!

Not sure how much and what type of material you need?  Let us use our experience with over 10,000 buildings plan your building for you!  No running around to the lumber yard to get all those “parts and pieces” to complete your project! Instead, let us ship you the complete pole building package with all the inventory you’ll need. We have easy to follow instructions and the steel is cut to length.  You do not pay for extra material or have a lot of scrap!

This month’s special is a 36’ wide by 48’ long and is 14’ high at the eave.  It comes with Pressure treated truss bearing posts, trusses, MBI, nails, screws and bolts needed to put it together.  This one is sheeted in steel with metal building insulation in the roof.  (If you would like comp. roofing or wood siding we can do that too!).   It has one entry door and one 10x12 overhead door and two 10x10 overhead doors for and room for all of your toys!

Let our experienced construction crews put it together for you on site and save time, money and piece of mind!


If you want to know more about this offer please call us: 1-800-547-1714. Or click this link.



December 2017 Special
40 x 60 x 14



Back by popular demand our most popular size building that will get you the most “bang for a buck”.   This month’s special is for an AG use building that can be used as a horse barn, feed storage, equipment shed etc!

M&W Custom Pole buildings can be used for any type of structure you need!  “Custom” is the key word in our business.  We can add, delete or change any option on any design to suit your needs.  This month’s special is designed for AG use, but can be engineered for residential use if needed.  Just give us a call and describe what you would like in your building!

This month’s 40x60x14 special includes Ag use drawings – (no engineering included) all the poles, bolts, screws, trusses, nails needed to build this M&W Pole Building.  It has Galvanized steel roofing and painted steel siding (with a 40 year pro-rated paint warranty), metal building insulation in roof, Kiln-dried lumber package, one entry door, one 12 x 13 sliding door on the gable end and polycarbonate eave lights (for natural lighting).

If you want to know more about this offer please call us: 1-800-547-1714. Or click this link.




November 2017 Special
18 x 40 x 14
Roof Only/ RV Cover/ Picnic Cover



Time to put that RV away????  It hardly seems fair but…. Winter is coming to the Northwest and it will soon be time to store the RV, camper, boat or tent trailer! Imagine not having to tarp your RV or pay those exorbitant monthly prices for storage!  Your RV or boat will be on your own property and ready to go when you are!

Wish you had a roof cover to cover your own personal picnic area?  We can do that!   This months’ special is an open “roof only” to cover your car, boat or RV or just about anything else you don’t want to get wet!  

Need something taller for your RV?  No problem we can make any design changes you need. This pole building comes with all of the posts, trusses, steel, screws, bolts and an instruction booklet for the “Do-it-yourselfers”.


If you want to know more about this offer please call us: 1-800-547-1714. Or click this link.